TRANS TELECOMS focuses on delivering comprehensive and most modern communication and security solutions to customers, ensuring service excellence with a highly skilled and motivated team of employees who deliver with their experience and expertise.

We have been a key player in the industry for the past eight years and leading brands of this arena namely SYNTEL, NEC, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC and CISCO have made us their authorised dealer in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. We specialise in the design, implementation and support of communications, Video Conferancing,Telemedicine and security solutions for a seamless business  experience.

With a proven track record TRANS TELECOMS leads the market with its tailor-made solutions approach which enables organizations to improve their productivity and reduce costs ready to apply solutions that work within existing IT environments. The real beneficiaries are our customers who have access to a broader set of technologies, key skills and competencies, while enjoying the world-class services that we provide them.

What we do

TRANS TELECOMS proactively partner with our customers, understanding their business objectives and delivering solutions that solve their challenges and help them cross their barriers to success. Our aim is to add real business value by putting in place an effective communication strategy, with a comprehensive set of solutions and services in voice, data, video and networking and security technologies, to boost our customers’ business.

Communication Solutions: A myriad array of voice solutions, from simple telephones to full enterprise communication platforms enabling cost effective communication between your staff, customers and supply chain are our forte.

Security Solutions: Encompassing both logical and physical security, our approach aims to ensure that all customer assets are tracked, monitored and protected irrespective of time or  location.

Video Conferencing and Telemedicine:

Network Solutions: Networking solutions and services, including building and optimising LANs and WANs, wired or wireless, to ensure that your network infrastructure reliably supports the needs of your business.

Office equipments: Meeting the needs of your business with a wide range of advanced technological equipments from leading brands to make working atmosphere light and enthusiastic.

Servicing: Maintenance service that efficiently supports your entire network infrastructure, including on-site hardware services performed by our experienced technicians as well as  next day on-site response for fixes and spare parts.

About Trans Telecoms
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